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Spring ’21 leads us into a slightly uneasy after-hours affair where reality blends with daydreaming and nightmares, evoking a certain irreverence which now feels synonymous with the ALEXACHUNG brand.


Music and film have always informed how and what we design but this collection more than any leans into a David Lynch topsy-turvy world of glamour and misdemeanour. Creating patterns that pay homage to Kubrick’s carpet or Blue Velvet inspired necklines, there are nods to an imagined twilight zone which dovetails strangely with where we find ourselves now. This surreal global moment not far from a horror movie but this time with excellent outfits.”



-Alexa Chung

To bring the world of Spring 21 to life, we enlisted talented director Belle Smith to create a series of shorts that created this dreamscape, where nothing is quite what it seems. The normal and the everyday is intersected by incongruous elements, teetering on the edge of nightmare. But as our Creative Director says, this prevailing mood is punctuated by and celebrated with some very excellent outfits.

This culminates in our final launch moment. We come to realise nothing is real as we follow Alexa making her way into an old cinema to see the world premiere of our Spring '21 Vertigo Collection Film.

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